Environmental Control

Construction Update - January 1, 2022
ECC Manual
Non-Lake Front Dwelling Easement and Setback Example
Lake Front Dwelling Easement and Setback Example
Permit Requirement Structure
No Permit Required
Contractor Guidelines
Tree Policy Booklet

Decks    (New $75.00; Replace $50.00)
Docks / Shoreline Improvements ($60.00)
Driveways  (New/Retop, $50.00)
Excavation/Demolition/Retaining Walls ($40.00)
Garage Attached or Detached ($100.00)
Generator ($20.00)
Home Addition  ($100.00)
Major Landscaping ($40.00)
Generic (No Fee)
New Single-Family Dwelling ($600.00)
Patios, Porches, Sunrooms ($100.00)
Pet Enclosure/Electronic Pet Fence ($10.00)
Fuel Storage Tanks ($20.00)
Re-Roofing (No Fee)
Satellite Dish Antenna ($10.00 per)
Siding Paint Stain (No Fee)
Storage Sheds / Gazebos ($45.00)
Roof Mounted Systems ($15.00)
Tree Removal ($20.00)

Have building permit questions or need clarification on something? Send us an email at environmental@thehideout.us